Bellingham Bay Gymnastics is a non-competitive gymnastics program for children ages 9 months to 12 years. Our curriculum is designed to offer students a safe, non-threatening environment where they can progress at their own pace. Each class is age appropriate, so every child feels successful. Our overall goal is to improve self-esteem and self-confidence through exercise. We do this through music, motivation and fun. Children learn that exercise and fun go hand-in-hand

Spring Session registration begins soon!

Monday, March 9th - March 20: Current Members Only may register for the class                                                        they are currently enrolled in

Monday, March 23 - March 27: Current Members Only may register for any class

Monday, March 23: Spring Session is open for general enrollment

Spring Session will begin on Monday, April 13th


2015/2016 Preschool and Pre-K Information is now available!




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We are located in the Haskell Business Center at:

1414 Meador Avenue Suite H-100 Bellingham WA 98229

 (360) 715 - 8842

1414 Meador Ave Suite H-100 bellingham WA 98229