"ninja" parkour classes

Nimble Ninjas

4-6 years

An introductory parkour style class aimed at developing dynamic body movement. Each 45 minute jammed packed session includes a variety of running, jumping, spinning, vaulting and learning the basics of parkour movement.  

Each class is $16/ a class paid as monthly tuition 

Notorious Ninjas

7-11 years

Each week ninjas will learn and develop parkour style athletic skills. This includes learning how to navigate dynamic movements with strength, and coordination. This class combines gymnastics skills, parkour style running and jumping, jujitsu movements, and general fitness techniques. 

Each class is $18/ a class paid as monthly tuition

"Ninja" Parkour Classes
Nimble Ninjas (4-6 years)
 Monday's 3:15-4:00
Notorious Ninjas (7-11 years) 
Thursday's 5:00-6:00