Toddler Classes

Join us for 45 minutes of pure fun! Our instructor lead toddler gymnastics classes will have your child learning the basics of body coordination and socialization!

Activities are themed special for each week to keep your child engaged and excited. A typical class incorporates both group and individual physical and social learning opportunities. While an instructor leads each aspect of class, you become your child's biggest champion for praise and encouragement!

Every child attends these classes with a parent. Each class is 45 minutes long for $15/class.  

These classes are not drop-in style - monthly tuition is paid and class is attended each week. There is also a $35 annual membership fee. 

Every child receives a free trial class before payments are taken, 

please call ahead of time to schedule your free class!

I love this place! Jill is the owner and she leads all of my daughter's classes. We just love her! Jill is a special lady and this is a wonderful place for young children. My daughter attends their Mini Gymmys toddler program and it is so fun to see how she uses the skills she learns in class when she gets home. She also gets sooo excited when we pull up in front of Bellingham Bay Gymnastics! Thank you for being so great with these kiddos- what a fantastic place to bring children.

T.A. Yelp

Parent/Toddler Classes
Mini Gymmy's (9 months through 1 year)
 Monday's 10:00-10:45 
Wednesday's 11:00-11:45
 Terrific Tots (2 years)
 Monday's 11:00-11:45
Tuesday's 10:00-10:45
Thursday's 10:00-10:45
 Super Tots (3 years)
Tuesday's 11:00-11:45
Wednesday's 10:00-10:45
 Tater Tots (1-3 years)
Friday's 10:00-10:45