Bellingham Bay Gymnastics

 A non-competitive program for children nine months to twelve years. We strive to improve self confidence in every child through movement, play, and fun! We'll have your child building physical skills in a fun and positive environment. Every child should have the chance to experience success!

"Welcome to Fall Session 2022"

We are very excited to begin our 28th year running, jumping, tumbling and raising self-esteem for our very special clients!  During all our years, the health and safety of our families has always been our top priority.  This year is no different.  We are dedicated to moving forward from COVID - without forgetting what we've learned.  Here is what you can depend on at Bellingham Bay Gymnastics & Pre-School to keep everyone happy and heathy:

Here is what  - "WE" - The Staff At Bellingham Bay  - Do To Create A Safe Place:

  • All staff have received the COVID vaccine
  • Wash Hands between classes
  • All are symptom free and stay home if unwell
  • Clean and disinfect - all equipment is disinfected on a daily basis

Here are things we expect from "YOU" to keep our gym safe:
  • Stay home is you or your child are sick, or have been in contact with a sick individual
  • If sick -  do not return to the gym until you have been symptom free for at least 48 hours
  • If you have had known exposure to COVID - but have no symptoms - you can attend classes as long as you wear a mask and get tested after the fifth day.  
  • If anyone tests positive and has symptoms, they must isolate at home for at least five days.  If symptoms improve after the fifth day, and the person has no fever without the use of medication, they can exit isolation .  That person must still wear a mask for 10 days after the onset of symptoms.
  • Speak with a staff member if you have questions or concerns

These guidelines are based on the most current CDC recommendations.
  Once again - "Thank You" for your support through our ever changing "New Normal".


MORE - Current Covid-19 Health Policies

Masks are Currently OPTIONAL

"Our goal at Bellingham Bay Gymnastics and Pre-School is to always keep our kids safe. COVID has been the biggest challenge thus far to that goal. Masks allowed us to continue going to gym and pre-school when health risks were high. We are forever grateful for your support during these past two years."- Teacher Jill

As of March 12th, the state has lifted the mask mandate. We will continue to require masks through the end of winter session, April 1st. When we return to the gym after spring break on-

April 11th Masks will be optional for all students, parents and staff. 

We understand that removing masks may be uncomfortable for you, and some may not be ready. We encourage everyone to respect each family's decision. We will continue to supply adult and child size masks at the front desk. 

Health and Wellness- We will also continue to do all we can to minimize the risk of passing on illness. Know that the gym, lobby and pre-school are sanitized and disinfected with hospital grade product each evening. High touch areas such as the bathroom and lobby are cleaned throughout the day. 

You can help us stay healthy from any germ bugs by staying home if you, your gymnast, or anyone in your family is ill. If you have been exposed to COVID in close contact form, or are presenting multiple symptoms that could be covid- please test before returning to gym or school. We have a liberal make up policy for missed classes and we welcome seeing you once feeling well again. 

Parent & Toddler Gymnastics

Children will enhance motor development and expand their social awareness through movement exploration, songs, parachute games, ball play and bubbles! The child attends these classes with a parent.

Pre-School/Early Grade School 

Learn some skills and get energized! These classes focus on building gymnastic skills in a fun, positive environment. Our curriculum based program includes tumbling, apparatus skills, obstacle courses and games.

Grade School Gymnastics

 Beginner and intermediate tumbling and apparatus skills are emphasized as students develop conditioning, poise, confidence, and balance in a noncompetitive and supportive setting.

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