Pre-School , Pre-Kinder, Kindergarten 

Our mission at Bellingham Bay Pre-School and Kindergarten, is to provide children with a nurturing environment where they feel comfortable and confident to become great learners. We provide a variety of experiences that stimulate learning in all developmental areas: physical, social & emotional, cognitive & general knowledge, as well as language, literacy & communication

As educators, our aim is to help your child experience pride and self confidence, develop independence and self control, and have a positive attitude towards life and school! 

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Preschool 3-4 years 


**must be 3 and potty trained by August 31, 2021

Pre-Kinder 4-5 years

** must be 4 by August 31, 2021 and entering kindergarten in the fall of 2022

Kindergarten 5-6 years

** must be 5 by August 31, 2021

 Max Number of Students
 Student To Teacher Ratio
 Monthly Tuiton 
3 years by 
Monday & Thursday
waitlist available
 Max Number of Students
 Student To Teacher Ratio
 Monthly Tuiton
4 years by 8/31/21
waitlist available
 Max Number of Students
Student To Teacher Ratio
Monthly Tuition
5 years by 8/31/21
  Maximum 8:1
Gymnastics Enrichment
 Max Number of Students
 Student To Teacher Ratio
4-6 years
 12:30-3:30 PM
 Maximum 6:1
You choose your dates! 

More about our Pre-School program

 Each day your child arrives for pre-school you can expect:

A 45 minute gymnastics class focused on building body coordination, team work, and gymnastics skills in a fun and positive environment! Our gym time curriculum includes introductory floor and tumbling lessons, as well as, obstacle courses involving the traditional gymnastic apparatuses (beam, bars, vault, and floor). You can also expect games and activities such as parachute, hula hoops, and more!


The remainder of each day is spent in our two class rooms, where new learners have the opportunity to explore the world around them. Our most important goal for Pre-Schooler's is making sure they have a great first experience at school. Often, your child's pre-school Teacher is the first person they interact with outside of his/her own family. We exist to make sure your child has a positive first experience within a class room setting- where they feel loved, safe, and content. We focus on small group learning and individual exploration. Students have time to learn how to be great friends, discover a sense of self within a group dynamic, and become independent learners and players with a positive attitude towards school. 

Through out your child's first pre-school year you should notice growth within in these academic, social, and individual areas:

Cognitive recognition of basic shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. 

An introduction to writing. Including focus on each letter and name writing. 

Confidence in using new art mediums. 

An interest and budding confidence in using new language skills with peers and adults. 

A stronger sense of independence. 

New social tools to create lasting friendships!

More about our Pre-Kinder program

Our Pre-K program is geared towards students heading to Kindergarten the following year. Our goal is to prepare each student for a smooth transition. We often hear that Pre-K students from Bellingham Bay make great Kindergarten students because they are prepared academically, and socially to tackle new challenges. Typically our small group learning lessons allow our Pre-K students to advance confidently into Kindergarten style work, making the transition smooth sailing! 

During their year of Pre-Kinder at Bellingham Bay, students will explore the following curriculum:

An introduction to new art concepts, mediums and multi-class projects. 
Science experiments introducing the scientific method and critical thinking. Examples: Re-action and change experiments, posing questions and hypothesis, recording our work via writing and drawing. 
Writing and introductory reading comprehension. A continued  effort in letter recognition and phonetic sounds. Name writing and basic sight word writing. 
Basic mathematics topics including: counting and number recognition, pattern work, addition and subtraction. 

More about our Kindergarten program

Bellingham Bay "Kindies" thrive in a small class setting, where they can explore and expand their physical, social, and academic limits.  Our gymnastics setting gives your student the opportunity to build gymnastics skills, as well as, experience unique class games and activities every day they arrive at Kindergarten. With multiple gymnastic lessons a week, Kindies will excel with improved motor function and control. Examples of typical gymnastic accomplishments include: Basic tumbling skills such as handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, and bridges. Uneven bar training, a multitude of balance beam skills, and more. Each lesson is created specifically for the Bellingham Bay Kindie class to ensure every student is gaining self confidence and physical skills within their personal boundaries. 

Within a small group classroom, students are able to expand not only their academic knowledge, but their confidence and independence as well. Our goal is to give your child the tools needed to confidently express themselves, ask questions about the world around them, and move forward into a career of learning with curiosity and joy. Our Kindergarten program is minimum 9 hours a week, with an optional additional day for 3 more hours. With a small class size, our students cover a large span of material through the school year, prepping them for elementary school the same as any other Kindergarten program. We believe young learners need to spend just as much time outside of the classroom as inside of it. Our program pairs well with students who are in other learning and outdoor programs, or who are choosing to homeschool. 

In our classroom, Kindies follow OSPI guidelines on a 10 month schedule,  preparing them to be leaders in their next classroom journey. You can expect these academia and life skills to be covered in our classroom:

Starting students reading journey with phonetic sound recognition and key sight words such as "they" "like" "am", etc. Then continued to group reading projects as a class, and teacher to student one on one reading material. 

Science lessons including an introduction to the scientific method (questions, hypothesis, experiment) with topics such as action/re-action, and change. Students learn to verbally express their ideas as well as record them via writings and images. 

Mathematic topics of addition and subtraction. First using small objects, shapes, and patterns to visually represent mathematic ideas and then learning to write and record math problems with proper symbols. 

A multitude of art expressions. 

A strong sense of communication to create lasting friendships!

A note from Pre-school and Pre-Kinder director Jacquie Smith-

This will be my 14th year heading the Pre-school and Pre-K program at Bellingham Bay, and I am thrilled to be here! I think it is important that children have an environment where they can be comfortable and confident in themselves so they are open to learning. I am an advocate for positive re-enforcement, structure, and discipline. My ultimate goal is that your child is healthy, happy, and learning while at Bellingham Bay!


  •  Certified Teacher in the state of WA
  •  BA in Education 
  • Birth- 5 yrs. certificate with endorsements in Spanish and Physical Education